According to the customer's destination and timeliness request, we are able to provide multimodal transportation (railway ,road, sea, air transport) from different places in China to Central Asia, Europe and Russia, and return trip by China Railway Express.

We are capable to provide the best services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Multimodal Transportation and international transit of the goods from the SE Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.), NE Asia (Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan etc.) and other countries, via central railway to other continents
  • Provide Garment hanger container, Open-top container and 40’/45’ RF/DRY container, in order to satisfying all kinds of cargo equipment related to the characteristics of goods and packaging solutions of special cargo
  • ADR cargo on the package solutions from multimodal transport
  • Provide reliable devanning and trucking service
  • Experienced on customs clearance and commodity inspection, perishable goods, pharmaceutical ; Fumigation of containers, full insurance of the goods