In the field of global emergency logistics, InterMax actively explores the global pharmaceutical cold chain market and provides professional pharmaceutical cold chain logistics services. Transportable goods include: blood samples, DNA genes, muscle tissue sections and clinical medication requiring temperature control, etc. We can assist in the approval of relevant licenses, customs clearance and other documents and provide the whole process temperature control.

Domestic pharmaceutical cold chain transportation:

Transportation temperature range: 2-8 ° C, 0-10 ° C, 15-25 ° C, 18-30 ° C, 0-30 ° C, -20 to -80 ° C (dry ice), liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C), room temperature, etc.

International pharmaceutical cold chain transportation:

Through the global transportation network, it can handle the cold chain transportation of medicine from China to overall the world and vise versa, and can provide transportation temperature control solutions of 2-8℃, 15-25℃, 0-30℃, -20 ℃ to -80℃ (dry ice), room temperature, etc.

Automobile, machinery, electronic equipment

To ensure the sustainability of the production chain, we provide the following services for critical components and equipment that are urgently needed:

On Board Courier

In order to transport the time critical cargoes, our well-trained personnel will take the flight and deliver specially from door/airport to door/airport. The whole transport will be guarded safely and confidentially by our well-trained team with the knowledge of customs clearance and requirements, and will ensure the consignee receiving the cargoes intactly and timely.

 Time required: Asian Region: 5-8 hrs EU/American Region: 14-24 hrs

Next Flight Out

Through special processing of ground service and customs clearance, we are able to handle emergency air service from door to door. Fast response followed by the tailor-made solutions will be provided within an hour upon receiving the booking. The shipment will be delivered by the next flight, and GPS tracking information will be provided.

 Time required: Asian Region: 24 hrs EU/American Region: 48-72 hrs