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TBEA Egypt 650MW -2*60T transformer project transportation

Following the successful completion of the transformer transportation and installation for TBEA Las Vegas in August 2018, ITM Tianjin continued its efforts to start Egypt project.

The project was Egyptian 2*650MW substation equipment undertaken by TBEA. The accessories of the two power stations were also shipped at the same time, of which 58T*1 set, 60T*1 sets, 228T*4 sets of each power station transformer, the first wholesale transport was 2 *60T transformers and accessories. ITM was responsible for marine transportation, destination port clearance, land transportation and set on pad.

According to the experience of past operations, pre-shipment planning, port collection, customs clearance, shipping, lashing... all aspects were carried out in an orderly manner, ITM expertises supervised throughout the operation.

After about 30 days, the cargo will arrive in Alexandria, Egypt, and we will keep tracking the shipment.