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Las Vegas, we are coming

In July 2018, Intermax delivered a set of transformer and accessories from Tianjin to Long Beach, USA, After a long period of submission of information and waiting for approval, we finally obtained the road permit and delivered the transformer to site and set on pad.

According to the previous road survey and site survey, police approval, comprehensive study of height limit, turning radius, road/bridge load and other factors, the main body of the final transformer is transported by the 8 + 8 axis and intermediate bridge trailer:

Before the transportation, the police explained the transportation precautions on the spot and escorted the whole journey; guidance vehicle and the repair tool vehicle were there too all the way:

Transportation of main body

After the main transformer arrived at the substation site, our on-site operators immediately began to unload the transformer and start the installation. Before the operation, we have carried out a detailed planning, based on the long-term experience of operation in the past, the whole operation process is carried out in an orderly manner, From the arrival of the vehicle to the final installation, it took only 6 hours to complete all steps.

After the operation was completed, the personnel and equipment are withdrawn. The transport vehicle could barely pass the substation gate. The nearest distance between the two sides was only about 15cm:

It was about 40℃ on that day and feel like 50℃,we salute to the onsite operation team!

With the successful completion of the project, InterMax had another experience in engineering operations in overseas projects.

As the demand for travelling is increasing, the government is increasing the investment and construction of public transportation. The rail transit of subways, light rail, trams, and high-speed trains is booming, Other vehicles such as construction vehicles and passenger vehicles are being driven up too. We can provide targeted transportation design, RORO/MAFI loading, oversize and unpowered unit loading and unloading, We can also prevent the risk of potential damage caused by seawater erosion and sun exposure by means of closed cabin ro-ro transportation. Temporary import / export / warehousing / point-to-point delivery, and tracked by a professional team, providing 24h online cargo tracking service.