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InterMax moved Catalyst Coolers

InterMax was appointed for the movement of two big catalyst coolers from Pingtung, Taiwan to Shanghai, China. It was our honour to participate in shipment of over-sized and over-weight in Southern Taiwan.

The main bodies of the coolers were 94 tons which were very heavy. Low bed trailer were arranged to transport the cargoes in order not to exceed the height limit. It was a tough work as the road of Pingtung was narrow and hard for over-sized cargo to pass through. Thus, advance road survey was made and InterMax got it done smoothly. The cargo arrived Kaohsiung port safely on time.

As they were over-weighted, ship-side loading was needed. Specialist from InterMax was at port to supervise the loading and ensure everything went well. After lifting of cargoes, the vessel departed and client was satisfied with InterMax’s performance.