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Delivering hydraulic press and sintering furnace from China to Russia by rail


InterMax is focus on rail transport in recent years according to the increased demand and development of railway from China to CIS and Russia.
There were seven units of parts including one main press which was 39tons in this shipment. The parts were packed into three packages for safety lashing and securing on flatcar by railway. The three cargoes were in size with the longest length 3.63m, maximum width 3m, highest height 2.84m and the heaviest single unit weight 39tons
There was strict requirement for loading on one flatcar, total gross weight has to be below 60 tons, with height under 3m and width less than 3m. The balance of weight of the front and back side was less than 5 tons
Three cargoes were trucked to station in Shanghai and directly lifted on the flatcar. The main presswhich was 39 tons was lifted by steel wire from the bottom of the cargo, two 2.6m long wood were placed under the press. The second and third cargoes were lifted with four lifting points on the cargoes. After loading, the staff from the terminal came and measure the shrink distance of the front and back shock absorber. The difference was 0.4cm which was under control. Wood and stands were raked with iron nails on flatcar, steel wire were used for lashing and securing on the cargoes.
The lashing and securing were carried out smoothly and the train dispatched through Manzhouli to Russia.