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Husbandry Agency

Our company can handle the ship husbandry operations for our clients in all main ports of China in excellent quality. The service covers spare parts, crew change, CTM, oil sludge, survey and bunkering, etc.

Spare Parts Service
Arrange spare parts clearance and     delivery on board in all major ports of        China.

Crew Service
Arrange crew change, issue letter of invitation, visa, boarding and shore pass and medical assistance in all major ports of China.

Cash to Master
Offer cash to master service in all        principle ports of China.

Oil Sludge and Garbage Disposal
Arrange oil sludge and garbage disposal in all ports of China.

Arrange damage survey for hull   and machinery insurance, annual inspection, fresh water analysis report and class inspection.

On/Off Hire Survey
Arrange on/off hire survey for owners in main ports of China.

Lay by Berth Repairing
Arrange repair work for ship laying by      berth including  fire-working、under-water checking and other repair in emergency.

Provisions Supply
Supply fresh and dry provisions, equipments and general consumables and tools.

Bunker Delivery
Arrange bunker supply for vessels in main ports of China.