Cold Chain Logistics

InterMax makes every effort to build the whole transportation and temperature control for cold chain, and is committed to providing the perfect "last mile" solution to our client, try the best to reduce quanlity damage.

Air, sea, rail, land transport and multimodal transportation, from the polar with ice and snow to the hot equator, we can always keep the temperature you want.

Our service includes:

  • For Pharmaceuticals: We can provide import and export transportation, customs clearance services, the transportation temperature range is 2-8℃, 15-25℃, 18-30℃, 0-30 ℃, - 20 to - 80℃ (dry ice), room temperature and other temperature ranges. Through air, sea and China-Europe railway transportation such multiple modes, we can meet the needs of different customers and different types of Pharmaceuticals. We also can provide third party logistics warehousing, ODC-RDC intercity logistics transportation, city distribution, etc.
  • Import for high-level red wine, chocolate, cream, cheese, ice cream, etc.
  • Storage and domestic logistics distribution for vegetables, fruits, frozen food and other daily food products, etc.
  • Import for fresh / chilled / frozen aquatic products, such as lobster, salmon, king crab, etc.