Chemical Logistics

Safety, environmental regulations and the transportation of dangerous goods are big challenges for the chemicals industry. InterMax are improving the worldwide intermodal logistics chain to meet these challenges head on - collaborating and innovating solutions in partnership with you. We will continue to work hard, constantly explore, and strive to make all chemicals can be safe and fast transportation.

InterMax is committed to agent services by sea, air and road transport for non-hazardous chemicals, dangerous chemicals and common cargoes, e.g: cosmetics, liquids, powders, paints, inks, toners, coatings, glue, medicine, intermediates, flavors, spices, medical devices, chemical additives, additives, pesticides, paint adhesives, dyes...

Provide diversified services for various chemicals:

  • Pre-shipment Sample Testing
  • HS code classification
  • Cooperation with manufacturers to prepare professional packaging for dangerous goods to meet different transportation requirements
  • Check MSDS and prepare GHS labels
  • Import and export Custom declaration
  • Door to door Service
  • GPS monitoring
  • Stable transport capacity
  • Competitive price
  • Convenient and Efficient Transpot Network