Customs declaration agent and warehousing service

InterMax have established warehouses in major coastal port cities and logistics transfer centers in order to provide characteristic personalized tailor services to the clients:

  • Bonded warehousing
  • Cross border transportation and warehousing
  • General cargo storage
  • Distribution, sorting, packing, marking and labeling of goods
  • Customized packaging, customized special packing box and turnover box
  • Inspection service of the third party inspection company
  • Temporary import and export agent, repair goods/import and export agent service

InterMax have a special customs team and most staff with more than 10 years of rich experiences on HS classification, import and export document review, customs communication, on-site inspection and other aspects, especially on import and export declaration on foods and pharmaceuticals, repair items,sample advertising, temporary import and export, transit transportation, cross-border transportation and other special customs declaration fields.